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  • Yay! You're now following harmony remote in your .
  • Whether you have an aging VCR or a brand new Blu-rayâ„¢ player, you can be confident your Harmony remote will control the devices you have.
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Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared Remote Control - Silver (915-000159)

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Though some may become naysayers, we have to admit that Logitech has really outdone itself this time, releasing the Harmony Ultimate Remote Control and the Harmony Smart Control bundle.

Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate remote is up for pre-order at $349.99 / 349.99 Euro and will ship in the US and Europe in May 2013. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control system is priced at $129.99 and it is set for the same period. See the video below for a better presentation.


harmony remote control universal

The Harmony remote control makes it easier to do what you want to do by simply touching a button. If you want to play your DVD for instance, or turn on your music player, you just have to send a command from a by pressing a button, and all the devices that you want will activate the way you like it. You do not have to do an online setup. In addition, remote controls made by Logitech are also smart enough to manage different kinds of devices for channel, play back and volume controls, and allow different behaviors in each action.