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  • H2O Wireless's affordability is a huge boon, but its true strength is the ubiquity of AT&T's network and 4G LTE coverage.
  • H2O Wireless offers four usage-based plans priced at $10, $20, $30 and $100. All four plans price individual services as follows:
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H2O 3-in-1 SIM Card

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A: A SIM card is included with each consumer phone purchase. A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is an integrated circuit which securely stores the service-subscriber key (IMSI) to identify a subscriber on mobile telephone device. The SIM is a removable card which can be transferred from one device to another. It is easy to install a new SIM card in your device. SIMPLY remove the back of your phone and remove the battery. Next, remove the actual SIM from any additional packaging that is with it. Now, insert the SIM card into the SIM slot on your phone with the metal contacts facing down. Now reinsert your battery and power up. Welcome to H2O Wireless.

Buying a mobile phone can really be expensive. You have to make you sure that you get the right model along with the ideal plan so that you can really get the value of the money you have invested. But do you really have to pay more to get the best services out there? In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons in choosing the H2O Wireless among other mobile phone service providers. This article aims to provide useful information so that consumers will be more aware of the plans offered by this provider and the advantages of choosing H2O Wireless among the other service providers in the market today:


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2. Has the largest GSM network covered – it’s official that H2O Wireless is associated with some leading GSM providers (T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile). So rest assured wherever you are in the country, you can have their service 24/7 and it’s maintenance free guaranteed. This means you won’t be hearing this, “The subscriber cannot be reached. Please try again later…” for quite a while (at least in a good way).