• Gunnar Computer Glasses
  • Gunnar Computer Glasses block blue light and reduce digital eyestrain.
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Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses with Amber Lens Tint, Onyx Frame Finish


But where am I going with this? Surely I don’t want you to start sticking Lego in your eyes in the hope of replicating the same eyestrain we get from a day in front of the telly-box? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to try out a set of GUNNAR glasses over the last few weeks, to see if they make a difference to my every day issues while I work.

The pair I’ve been trying are the Joule style (yes, that’s me in the picture), and instead of the yellow-tinted lenses you might have seen pro-gamers wearing, these have what GUNNAR have called Crystalline lenses. In other words, they’re clear, and look pretty much like everyday glasses you could buy from Specsavers. The difference is, the lenses of GUNNAR glasses are specifically tailored to help shield your eyes from screen glare. They have various ranges available on the website, depending on what you might be using them for; computers, gaming, shades and Crystalline. The majority of the ranges (minus Crystalline), have a yellow tint to the lenses, and are aimed specifically for gamers and PC users. Crystalline, however – the style I’m trying – cater for photographers, graphic designers etc, that need a clear colour palate to work, rather than having a soft yellow hue over everything.


Gunnar Gaming Glasses Review! Do they make a difference?

Gunnar glasses are high-performance prescription-compatible computer eyewear optimised specifically for the one item your eyes look at more than anything else on a daily basis – digital screens. That’s your monitor, cell phone, LED/LCD/Plasma or just about any screen. Not only does it protect your eyes from ‘headache-inducing’ screens but it also sharpens everything on-screen. The Crystalline and Amber lenses are tuned for +0.2 dioptres which means that it should be used only for indoor viewing.