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There are plenty of other GPS mounts. Velcro® can be used to attach the GPS unit directly to the dashboard. It alleviates the need to mount it to the window; however, it does have some drawbacks. The angle of the screen cannot be controlled as well as with some GPS mounts. In addition, the unit cannot be moved to a different place, unless the Velcro® is removed, leaving behind a sticky residue. In addition, if the Velcro® is on the dashboard for an extended period of time, the sun and cold weather can destroy its adhesive quality.

It is important to consider the laws of the area before selecting one of the many GPS mounts. For example, in some areas it is illegal to have anything mounted onto the windows of a car. So, in those cases, a suction mount would not work.


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A company called Bracketron launches the Nav-Mat II GPS dash mount (UFM-210-BL) that will turn your windshield mounted GPS into a convenient dashboard mount. The Nav-Mat II basically allows you to attach you into the dash of your car.