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GoPro HERO4 Silver

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Red Filter: From 5 meters (15ft) and deeper, you’ll need a red filter. I think a cheap Chinese product will do, but I bought an overpriced ‘GoPro approved’ filter (over 30 bucks for a small piece of plastic). Whatever your choice: buy one! The colors come out better. Without the filter, all photos become ‘flat’ when it comes to the colors; see below for the difference!

On a 45-60 minute dive I have generally shot 15 minutes of video plus around 200 pictures, totaling to 5 GB. This was done using the Video + Photo feature at 1080s. With 2 or more dives (i.e. on a boat trip), you will need at least 2 batteries since the battery is at less than 30% after one dive. Memory-wise you’ll require a MicroSD card with a recommended space of 32GB (high speed, at least ‘class 10). Remember that you focus on writing speed, not reading speed! I use a 64GB Class 10, which is more than enough for a good price. I didn’t try to shoot a full video + automatic pictures (every 10 seconds; so 250-350/dive) on an entire dive though. The GoPro website seems to indicate that the HEROS do not supports the latest 128GB SD card.


GoPro Advanced Case Management Software

I am not a photography expert and since most of us aren’t, it is exactly why I wanted to write this blog. You might pick up on some things that you either agree or disagree on, which in turn could help you buy or manage your GoPro for scuba diving. In this blog I’ll explain the drivers for my decision to buy the HERO3+ Black instead of a HERO3+ Silver/HERO4, whether I am happy with my choice and what settings I have tested when diving. I also added some other scuba relevant stuff such as battery life, mounting systems and the GoPro Studio from the perspective of a new user.