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Agree. I Purchased a phone from Carphone Warehouse on-line with Geek Squad insurance. On collecting the phone from the store the staff were unable to activate the insurance. They were told by Geek Squad that there was a computer problem which would be rectified in 24 hours. Two further visits to the store and the same story: a comp prob which would be fixed within 24 hours. I complained and was given a reference no. and sometime later a letter arrived saying that my complaint was being investigated. Nothing for a month so I emailed the contact given in the letter asking when I would get my complaint dealt with. That was 8 months ago.. Silence. Avoid this company like the plague.

I got an iPhone 6 plus 16gb from carphone warehouse around may/june, and purchased the geeksquad insurance there and then, which was a wopping £15 by the way, i recently smashed my phone and went to the store to make a claim, only to find out my insurance had been cancelled due to their being "insufficent funds" in my bank, with no written letter or phonecall to warn me, the member of staff from carphone warehouse then called geeksquad to resolve the issue. The person on the other end of the…


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