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GW SADES SA902 7.1 Channel USB Surround Stereo PC Gaming Headset Headphones with Mic Revolution Volume Control Noise Canceling LED Light(Black/Red)

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Are you serious about the games you play? Are you a serious gamer? Then gaming headsets or headphones are a must have gadget for you. A good gaming headset will improve your overall game experience as the headphones deliver clear, rich sound and an integrated microphone.

Gaming headphones are a must have for serious gamers. In addition to keeping noise levels low, good gaming headphones deliver much better audio quality than a set of speakers. The immersive qualities of gaming headsets lead to a superior audio experience.


Siberia 650 USB Gaming Headset | SteelSeries

The headset itself is boxed in a dark, tasteful and in a not at all over the top manner, which for a gaming headset was a surprise! The front of the box features the instantly recognisable SteelSeries logo as well as the Kingston HyperX logo. The front of the box also features a large window showing off the Kingston HyperX headset within and endorsements from professional gamers Incredible Miracle, SK Gaming and NaVi. It describes the HyperX as a Gaming Headset and goes on to highlight the following features: