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Xbox 360 E 4GB Console


Handheld game consoles have made incredible strides since the early days of mobile gaming. Nearly all modern mobile consoles have some kind of touchscreen and wireless connection to the internet. The best handheld game consoles offer a wide range of gaming experiences as well as multimedia apps. Finally, since you're gaming on the go, many mobile consoles have impressive battery life.

Based on our criteria, the , and are the best handheld game consoles available. It is important to note that like their living-room based cousins, mobile consoles are constantly evolving, either through patches or new versions. For more information about mobile gaming, read our .


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Which is the right console for you? As is typical, the answer depends on what you expect from a gaming console. The older Wii U has received a lackluster reception from dedicated gamers and video game console reviewers. The second-screen capabilities of its controllers have lots of promise, but reviewers grouse about their clumsy form factor for serious gaming. The Wii U library is light on high-end games and heavy on family- and kid-oriented titles. However, the Wii U is also the only modern video game console that's backward-compatible with previous-generation games, and the family-friendly appeal of the get-up-and-move games in the Wii and Wii U libraries is well established.