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T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter Fry Basket Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer, 2.6-Pound, Silver

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You already know that some of the most delicious meals and side dishes are made in your deep fryer . You've probably used it to make fried chicken, French fries, or golden fried fish at home. For Sunday dinner, you may have deep fried chicken or even turkey in minutes. Deep fried foods make tasty treats for parties and special occasions. However, to get the most out of your deep fryer, you need to know clean it and care for it properly. If you cook with your deep fryer frequently, it's important to clean and change the oil once or twice a week.

A deep fryer allows you to make all your restaurant favorites in your own home. These deep fryers come in oil or air varieties and in lots of different styles to fit your kitchen.


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The MJCF has a minimum 60-lbs (30 liters) and maximum 80-lbs (40 liters) shortening capacity. The frying area is 18 x 19 inches. This 150,000 BTU/hr (44.0kw) model is designed for high production of chicken, fish and other breaded products. The exclusive 1° action thermostat (two-year limited warranty) anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot, extending shortening life and producing a more uniformly-cooked product.