• Sunscreen is for external use only.
Third, to justify a killing, the target would also have to be "externally focused."

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But the "living sacrifice" Paul mentions is righteous before God, and also externally holy.


  • You pay it without a murmur, externally; and hope you are done with it.
  • The modern doorway arch, externally, has a dog-tooth moulding, with floriated finials.
  • externally the building must have presented a very simple appearance.

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Creates an external data source for use in two distinct scenarios: (1) for PolyBase or (2) Elastic Database queries. Depending on the scenario, the syntax differs significantly. A data source created for PolyBase cannot be used for Elastic Database queries. Similarly, a data source created for Elastic Database queries cannot be used for PolyBase.

As for external hemorrhoids, you can know easily as they are protruded outside the anal opening. Treatment wise, it is possible to treat them, including if they are in early stages as stated at the above. You also will feel the uneasy or pain since there are pain receptor at anal opening.


Yet the love of external nature was very different in the two men.

Enabling external sharing is not the same thing as enabling anonymous access. When external sharing is enabled, users must be authenticated (by signing in) before they can access internal resources.