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Franklin Electronic Speaking Merriam-Webster's Dictionary with Thesaurus and Spell Correction SSD-256


You also may want to check out the ECTACO EEL400T. This advanced electronic dictionary also features an extended vocabulary, flash card games and can be linked to your PC. A Bonus CD is also included offering software to extend and expand your dictionary’s functionality. Compare these models and discover the differences! User’s manual available in both Spanish and English.

Sharp RD-PM10 Multimedia Electronic Dictionary: The device is featuring Da Vinci TMS320DM6441 processor, an FM radio tuner, a voice recorder and a pair of stereo speakers into its 5.5- by 3.1- by 1.0-inch form factor. e-Dictionary comes with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display and 8GB built-in storage.


Organization and Definitions of Electronic Dictionaries

With more than 45 million people worldwide speaking Spanish as their first or second language, we think this latest member of our Electronic Dictionary Bookmark family will be a very welcome addition for both avid readers and students alike. Armed with data from the respected VOX Spanish mini-dictionary, looking up those sticky words is now a quick, simple and intuitive process.