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Portable electric space heaters come in a range of wattages. The higher the wattage of a given space heater, the greater its ability to heat a room. Multiple wattage ratings for one unit indicate that it has separate heat setting levels, such as high, medium and low. A space heater with a higher wattage capability means it can safely handle higher levels of power output. This means a space heater with higher wattage ranges can potentially achieve higher levels of heat.

Some manufacturers have developed hybrid space heaters that replicate the size and shape of traditional baseboard heaters but are more portable. We included a handful of portable baseboard heaters in our review to compare the performance of these units against standard electric space heaters. However, because none come designed with fan-forced blowers and other features common to electric space heaters, such as oscillation, they failed to rank within the top 10. Read more about these freestanding electric baseboard heaters here.


Portable electric space heaters

A portable electric space heater can accomplish the task of heating individual rooms within your home or office, allowing you to cut back on electricity costs. Portable space heaters make it possible for you to spot-heat frequently used rooms to comfortable temperatures without the need to increase the temperature of your whole house. They can also come in handy if you have a room in your home or office that lacks heating ductwork, is poorly insulated or is otherwise difficult to heat.