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The Divergent Series: Allegiant [DVD + Digital]


Perhaps the biggest issue I have with my collection is the DVD to Blu-ray ratio. I demand high definition, dammit! With the advent of Blu-rays and high definition, I’ve realize how spoiled I have gotten. So many DVDs I have now just look terrible in comparison and I now only want the best. Which of course, means trading in DVDs for scraps, selling stuff for cash, or finding other ways to upgrade the collection. Again, this doesn’t come easy. There are a few sites that let you trade stuff in for other movies, CDs, and games, and I think it’s about time I crack down on my collection and decide which of my babies need to get “adopted” by someone else.

However, it’s still something I’m really proud of. In college, I was known as the movie guy and would rent out DVDs and be the go to for a recommendation or two. Sadly, lending out so many resulted in me losing a few of my favorites (Criterions went missing, not cool!). Regardless, my movie library has become my baby and I’m proud to show it off when I can. Now I just need a sexy apartment or something, with a badass way to display them.


10 Ways DVDs Have Changed the Film Industry

Streaming does not let your houseguests browse thru and comment on your collection and taste. I have over a 1000 DVDs and I am close to 200 blue ray despite my reluctance to repurchase and upgrade everything. Also, until I have a restored working laser disc player, I have refrained from buying more from that dead media. The near 800 12 inch discs are still in the house, proudly displayed on magazine racks I acquired for that purpose. The giant covers are often more interesting than the contents.