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  • This dvd player was a great resource for our trip at Christmas time. My daughter loves it.
  • excellent dvd player,can use it on any tv,with escellent results.
  • Granddaughter loves this DVD player. Especially the color

Samsung DVD-E360 DVD Player (Black)


A portable DVD player can hook up to any television with the right wires for immediate playback. Some are even equipped with Blu-ray technology, meaning you aren't limited to standard video quality if you purchase the right utility. These devices also have built-in screens, so if there's no TV present or the picture isn't good enough, you can just watch right on the device itself. What's more, portable DVD players are small, lightweight and compact, making them great for airplane and train travel.

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There are also situations where a is necessary for playback. Region codes on certain disk and subtitle features would make the disk inoperable in most computers and gaming consoles, but a DVD player can handle the demand, if you purchase the right unit. They're easier and more reliable to work with and make a great addition to any home entertainment system. Buy the best DVD player, sit down with a bowl of popcorn and get ready for a home movie night.