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  • Below is a listing of software programs available that are designed to test your computer's CD and DVD disc drives and discs.
  • So i guess its a problem with the CD/DVD drive. However is there a quick fix i could do or service is the only option?

Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal OEM Optical Drive DRW-24B1ST (Black)


Do I uninstall Daemon Tools? I just went to Device Manager and uninstalled the virtual drive. Uninstalled Daemon tools. Rebooted. And my DVD drive is still missing.

I noticed this about 2 days ago. I went to run a disc. So I pressed the DVD drive button and the tray came out like normal. The green light comes on when I open the tray, and it appears to be reading the disc, but nothing happens. The drive won't show up in My Computer and it won't show up in Device Manager. There's only a section for "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers'. There is no CD/DVD drive section. The drive shows up normally when I check my BIOS settings. I tried the simple Microsoft registry fix by deleting the "Upperfilter". I tried running the system hardware troubleshooter. Nothing. It seems like the computer knows the drive is there, it just won't launch the disc or show up in Device Manager.


How to test a computer CD -ROM or DVD drive for failures

At NCIX you can shop for CD/DVD Drives in Canada where we have a large selection of DVD Drives, CD Drives and Optical disc drives. Though CD ROM drives still exist, they are being replaced by DVD drives as DVD drives work both as CD drives being able to play and write CDs but can hold more data and allows for the playing of commercial DVDs on the computer. CDs were created in the 1980s for music and can hold approximately an hour worth of music or 650MB of data while a DVD was created in the 1990s for video and can hold approximately two hours of video or 4.7GB of data while a dual layer DVD holding almost 9 GB of data. Newer CD and DVD drives like the ones available at NCIX your , are backward compatible.