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AmazonBasics Nylon CD/DVD Binder (400 Capacity)


DVD case with a blank cover, and a shiny blue DVD disk ready for your content (image, logo and text). It’s a web template, ideal for selling software online, you can’t use it for making a printed covers or stickers for discs.

Resolution: 1280x1024px
Full size JPG previews:

File Format: PSD
Color theme: blue, white, black
Keywords: DVD, CD or Bluray disk with a box in PSD format, white DVD case cover template
Author: PSD Graphics
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The is as ubiquitous as it is simple. It is nothing more than a single piece of injection-molded plastic that snaps shut and holds a disc safely inside. However, this has proven to be an extremely effective design for protecting discs. DVD cases are very flexible and will bend before they break.