• DriveClub - E3 2014 Trailer
  • “MotorStorm and DRIVECLUB are both under the care of Sony now.”
  • The Lykan is officially the sexiest car in DriveClub and is now NSFW.
  • A “little DriveClub gift” headed to PS Store later this week, too.

DriveClub (PlayStation 4)


Auch möchte Sony in den nächsten Wochen ein endgültiges Datum nennen, nachdem DriveClub eigentlich schon zum Launch der PlayStation 4 erscheinen sollte. Viele rechnen aber auch nicht mehr mit einem Release im Sommer, erwartet wird die Veröffentlichung des Spiels Anfang Herbst.

At any rate, while the garage is almost entirely Euro-centric for now, its racing locations are much less so. Tracks in Scotland and Norway are joined by routes across Canada, India, and Chile. As immaculately detailed as the cars are, I think Driveclub’s tracks are doubly breathtaking. Postcard-perfect trackside vistas stretch for miles, but they’re just as capable of standing up to close scrutiny, from the individual stones in the road surface to the barely perceptible wiggle of a tautly stretched corner flag. The attention to detail is truly admirable; check out the plastic bags and Driveclub pamphlets wafting across the roads, and the multi-coloured butterflies doing the same thing. The arcade nature has brought with it a forcefield of sorts that will ricochet you away from rocky verges, clumped snow, and protruding guard rails and prevents us from interacting much with anything beyond the asphalt. But stuff like this, combined with the incredibly realistic lighting, really helps make the tracks feel alive.


gt6 visually looks like an 16-bit game compared to drive club.

Hand-picked for their power and beauty, each of the cars in DRIVECLUB is a pleasure to drive, recreated with an insane level of detail and accuracy both inside and out. Personally customize the cars in your garage to show off your unique look or represent your Club’s colors out on the track.