• Download speed chart courtesy of Akamai
  • We've put together a PDF to help you understand the different download speeds.
  • The speed test has been built to test broadband download speeds up to - and above - 100Mbps.
  • My Internet speed connection results were as follows:Download Speed: 1277 kbps (159.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

Police Helicopter Speed


Virgin Media's average download and upload speeds have increased over last month to 33.4Mb (a 2Mb increase) and 2.81Mb respectively, ahead of everyone else. provider maintained second place with speeds dropping to 15.75Mb for average download speeds, and 2.65Mb for average upload speeds. held third place and also had a drop in speeds, with download speeds averaging at 14.17Mb and upload speeds at 2.79Mb. came in at 4th place with 9.37Mb download, remaining stable since last month.

August 2012 saw average download speeds recorded by users of our drop slighty in comparison to the results from , coming in at 17.72Mb. Average upload speed remained stable at 2Mb.


What The Hack: Increase Download Speed

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