• CyberPowerPC Announces New Products at CES 2014
  • CyberPowerPC Announces New Products at CES 2014
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CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Gaming Desktop - AMD FX-4300 Quad Core 3.8GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, 24X DVD, NVIDIA GT 720 1GB, Windows 10


Bought a high end desktop computer from them in late 2014, it had a hex core Intel i7, liquid cooling, GTX 980, SSD drives, dual blu-ray burners, 32GB of RAM and 1000w power supply.

The problem was that they used tie wraps on the liquid cooling hoses. The hoses came loose and squirted coolant every where frying the mother board, GPU, hard drives, and power supply.
Sent it to them to get fixed, took them close to 3 months to get it back to me. After numerous calls, emails to support being told a different story every time I called.

Finally after paying for the repairs that they caused, I thought all was well and have a good as new computer. I thought wrong, the fans were making a grinding noise, they mounted the liquid cooler down too low to insert hard drives, and the RAM was bad. Took it to a local repair shop and they fixed it in 2 days. After a month goes by, the hoses are leaking coolant again, now too scared to turn it on. I ended up buying a Dell Alienware desktop with complete care warranty.

I can't even give this computer away it has been damaged so many times by CyberPower's negligence. They refuse to acknowledge it was their fault thinking I dropped the desktop or something.

I hope this helps deter people from purchasing computers from CyberPower PC, as my whole experience was a nightmare that hasn't ended yet.

Ordered a fangbook 4 sx6 4k from them during a sale they were running. Got plenty of extras and a gift card for free with the promotion they were running. Machine took about 3 weeks to get to me.

Ive been using it for almost a month now and i love this laptop, runs the division perfectly (which i also got a free cd key from them) and its a real workhorse for the video encoding im doing. Love it!

I guess everyone bashes cyberpowerpc for their tech support, im not sure what everyone else ordered but in my honest opinion, i got a great deal on a beast laptop and ive had no issues at all with the laptop.

Get the fangbook 4, you wont have any complaints and if you hate their tech support so much then dont get an extended warranty, just bring it to your local repair shop if anything happens. If you can fix most hardware/software issues on your own as i can, then its an even better buy to go with cyberpower.


BBB's Consumer Complaints for CyberPowerPC have all been resolved.

CyberpowerPC systems powered by the GeForce GTX 660 deliver game-changing performance that’s twice as power-efficient as the previous generation GeForce GTX 560. Gamers can also take on this year’s hottest titles with 8-times the performance of older DirectX 10 cards and stream games across three monitors on a single GPU with NVIDIA Surround technology.