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Currently, RegZooka is offered as the top of the line registry cleaner and PC Optimizer, keeping computers running smoothly and like new. The SpyZooka software is specifically designed for the removal and continued protection against 100% of all malware that has the potential to attack the pc user’s system. The Cyberbackup software was designed specifically to offer a solution to the risk of data loss, no matter what the circumstance leading to the threat may be.

Cyberbackup data is 100% encrypted for the ultimate safety and is accessible on-line for the ultimate convenience. Cyberbackup can synchronize files, replicate folders, and perform backups like never before. This software saves time, is innovative and fast and has been tested by average PC users.


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Two major competitors of CyberBackup are FBackup SyncBackPro. Just like CyberBackup, these two competitors can be used for both personal and commercial data storage and security needs. FBackup offers continuous and unstructured data repository models along with full system backup. Just like CyberBackup, it provides data storage for databases, documents, file systems, and servers.

Features of FBackup that are common with CyberBackup include data compression and duplication, automatic updates, and multiple destinations for data. Mirroring is one features of FBackup that is not available on CyberBackup. FBackup provides security features of authentication and password protection.

SyncBackPro offers data protection for extensive media including disks, CD-RW, floppy disk, RAM, hard disk, network, FTP backup, and USB flash drives. Just like CyberBackup, it also provides cloud data storage which can be accessed from anywhere.

Software features of SyncBackPro are more numerous compared to CyberBackup. Some of its features that are not available on CyberBackup are mirroring, multiple profiles, prioritization, remote access, scheduling, splitting, and versioning. This software also provides storage for databases, documents, and file systems. Its data repository models include differential backup, incremental backup, continuous data protection, and reverse delta.