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By David Patterson John Hennessy - Computer Organization and Design The hardward/softward interface ARM Edition Edition: fourth (12.2.2008)

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There are two main types of computer software: system and application. The first type is used just to run the hardware, while the second is used to do other things. The main types of system software are operating systems, like Windows™ OS X, or Linux; and drivers, which are programs that allow a computer to interact with other devices, like printers and video cards. There are many different types of , including games, media players, word processors, anti-virus programs, and applications for making new programs.

Computer software is a program that tells a computer what to do. These instructions might be internal commands, such as updating the system clock, or a response to external input received from the keyboard or mouse. Though there are many different types of software made both with and proprietary standards, the programming mostly comes down to a few basic rules.


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Another anti virus computer software that can give excellent protection is Panda Cloud antivirus. This antivirus is a perfect choice for most users because the interface is so simple and everything goes automatically. This anti-virus is having web protection and behavioral blocker, which means we are going to be perfectly protected. However, sometime Panda Cloud antivirus is detecting certain system that related to application as virus and quarantines it automatically, so sometimes it can be quite disturbing.