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Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 20.0MP Digital Camera (Silver) + 32GB Card + Reader + Case + Accessory Bundle


definitely has a few products under its sleeves. In addition to having a new range of ruggedized point-and-shoot cameras, they are also releasing two compact cameras which are the DMC-ZS20 and DMC-ZS15 which are considered compact TravelerZoom cameras. However, we will be focusing a lot more to the Panasonic DMC-ZS20 which is the higher performing camera as compared with the DMC-ZS15.

Along with the ultracompact DMC-FP1 and -FP3, Panasonic has also announced a new series of wide-angle compact cameras with relatively long optical zooms -- the Lumix DMC-FH20, -FH3, and -FH1 -- as well as an super-simple, entry-level compact shooter, the Lumix DMC-F3.


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Thanks to its interchangeable lenses and fast processing, the J1 is capable of taking the kind of shots that simply aren’t possible on a regular compact camera. It’s extremely fast and very easy to use. The multipoint autofocus is extremely quick and accurate and other than in low-light situations, the camera generally produces very pleasing images, provided you don’t peep too closely at the individual pixels.