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GD2016 Full HD 1x4 Port HDMI Splitter Amplifier Repeater 3D 1080p Female

Too low to display

Don’t buy this cheap USB turntable if you own a Mac. Otherwise, the main attraction of this beast will be its vintage looks. I’m not convinced that Sony’s Audio Studio software, which comes packaged, is up to snuff compared to Numark’s offering or Audacity.

A common characteristic of cheap USB turntables is the materials they are constructed from – primarily plastic, for cost saving purposes. Plastic has always been frowned upon by the hi-fi community, as it transmits vibrations very well. This is a bad thing when you consider that the turntable platter and cartridge should stay as still as possible when playing a record, in order for the needle to be given the best chance of transmitting only what is on the record, and not the sounds of the surrounding environment. Of course, with cheap electronics, plastic is where the money is saved, and you will have to spend a few hundred dollars more to get something made of a more appropriate material for hi-fi.


Digital Conversion Turntable with Built-In USB Recording

If you want to digitise your vinyl collection, but don’t want to pay a premium, then cheap USB turntables are for you. The turntables listed in this article will not blow minds and delight ears with their audio finesse – what they will do is make mp3s out of your vinyl. Simple enough really, and the USB turntable market has done a pretty good job of making this process relatively painless.