• How do CF cards differ from SD...
  • I bought a $400 10 MB CF card in 1993 - so I  that they'd been invented by then.
  • Microdrives draw more power than solid state CF cards. Here's a table with some typical values:
  • These days SDXC/SDHC cards seem to be cheaper than similar speed CF cards. For example:

Lexar LCF64GCRBNA800 Professional 800x 64GB VPG-20 Compact Flash Card

Too low to display

A corrupt picture file on the CompactFlash card can affect camera operation. To determine if the CF card is causing the problem, remove the card and try to turn on the camera. If the camera powers on properly without the card then reformat the CF card, reinstall it, and turn the camera on. If the CF Card still causes problems it may be defective.

When you use the same CF card in different cameras, undeleted image files and templates on the card take up space. To regain the image capacity, copy all pictures and files onto a computer and then reformat the card. When you reinsert the card into the camera it should have the full capacity available.


CF card from Transcend with 2GB

Step 1. Launch EaseUS free data recovery software and select the file types you want to recover on the CF card. Then click "Next" button to move to the next step.