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weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office, up to 1500 sq ft


A heavy duty cell phone signal booster for business use makes complete sense. The reason for this is that businesses cannot afford downtime. Cell phone signal repeaters use the mobile reception that is outdoors. They amplify it indoors. This amplified signal is then used to provide strong cellular boost. This makes the number of bars in your mobile device jump up! This results in clearer voice calls and faster Internet download speeds. weBoost Electronics products thus expand coverage. They do so to areas which would otherwise have little or no cellphone reception. Using a cellular range extender kit will minimize dead spots in houses and offices. This provides a great advantage to business owners and managers. An antenna boosting kit setup is fairly simple. It consists of a cell phone signal amplifier and antennae. They work together to extend coverage. Cables are used to connect all of these parts together. An installation such as this boosts wireless connection in enclosed spaces. Such places include interiors of houses and warehouses.

When shopping for a cellular booster, let us examine few facts. You will notice they are generally priced in proportion to the square footage of coverage provided. The published coverage of an RF booster will be under ideal conditions. Having a very strong reception at your external antenna spot would be ideal.


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