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Amzdeal Car Kit MP3 Player Wireless FM Transmitter Modulator with USB/SD/Card Reader MMC Slot and Remote Control


The "something different" would come in the form of an in car MP3 player. Not one of those wimpy commercial players that hold 70 minutes worth, or a CD based MP3 player that still requires changing discs, but a custom 10.2 Gig 200MHz home made player. This is pictured below.

MP3 playing is taken care of by a custom piece of software I wrote, and creatively titled "Car MP3 Player, Version 1. It was written in Visual Basic and is more like the "glue" that holds several ActiveX objects together. The actual playing is done by Windows Media Player, which is controlled through it's ActiveX interface. As mentioned, the Microsoft Speech SDK was used to provide voice feedback for all commands, much like a voice mail system. This was done to eliminate the need to an LCD screen which both lowers cost and improves safety in an automotive environment. Plus, it is just plain cool to hear this thing talk.


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