• 500W RMS PA D Series Class-D 2-channel Car Amplifier
  • Micro-V Series 400W RMS 4-Channel Bridgeable Micro Class D Compact Car Amplifier (MVPA.4)
  • 900W RMS PA D Series Class-D 5-Channel Car Amplifier
  • Useful Car Amplifier Resources:

DROK® Micro TDA7377 DC12V Digital Audio Power Amplifier 35W+35W 2.0 Dual-channel Stereo Amp Board Amplify Module for 20-120W 3''-10'' Bookshelf Speakers Floor Speakers

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For over 40 years, MTX Audio has been producing car audio products that are designed to improve the listening experience in your car. Our team of acoustical engineers at our Wisconsin facility, and electrical engineers at our Phoenix facility, are dedicated to making the best possible sounding products for your car at a price that offers a great investment. As one of the original manufacturers of car audio products in the world, MTX works to stay on the cutting edge of car speaker, car subwoofer, and car amplifier technology so that we live up to our mantra "Serious About Sound™"

Tested at 750W RMS on our Amp Dyno! (Rated 500W RMS by JBL), 1-Channel Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier with Digital Input Mixer and Graphical Status Display


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No audio system is complete without a good amplifier. Without one, all of your music will sound flat, dull, and lifeless. The goal of an amplifier is to provide enough power to the speakers to really make the music come alive through distinctive highs, mids, and lows. While many amplifiers are designed to power subwoofers, it is crucial to ensure that your other speakers get enough power as well in order to obtain higher sound quality. For that purpose, here is a selection of the best 2-channel car amplifiers that will help you build that audiophile-grade system that you've been planning.