• Directional On-camera Microphone
  • The RØDE VideoMic directional on-camera microphone is designed in Australia and covered by RØDE Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty.
  • Design - At only 73gm (2.5oz) it's RODE's lightest on-camera microphone
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LP Mic/Videomic/Video/Shotgun Microphone,for DV/ Camera:Nikon Cannon etc. Best Equipment for MV/Video Shooting lightweight and Portable,No Battery Noise Cancelling(Black)

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A stereo microphone picks up sound similarly to the way human beings do―with two ears. A stereo microphone is essentially two microphones housed in a single body. The two microphone elements output separate channels of audio, usually designated as Left and Right. Even though there are two channels of sound, stereo on-camera microphones still output audio on a single stereo mini-plug connector.

On-camera microphones connect with either 1/8” (3.5mm) mini-plug jacks or XLR connectors. Mini-plug microphone inputs are common on consumer camcorders, video-enabled DSLR cameras, and smaller sized professional video cameras. XLR inputs are usually found in pairs on medium and larger sized professional video cameras. Before you pick out what kind of on-camera microphone to use, you should first determine what kind of mic input your camera has.


Rode Stereo Video Mic X/Y Stereo on-camera microphone

For applications which require outdoor audio recording, an audio enabled IP camera with a weather resistant microphone is recommended. Some applications require industrial microphones. This type of microphone combines ruggedness and audio quality to last long while recording high quality audio to a DVR or network video recorder. Locations with a lot of noise, a security camera microphone with a built in equalizer is useful for pulling conversation out of noise which includes industrial machinery.