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For simple integration of our sensors into end-user applications, MaxBotix has developed the Shielded Cable Attach Option to create a completely IP67 rated MaxSonar-WR sensor. The Wire-Attach Option uses the MaxSonar with a sensor cap to fully protect the pin-out of the MaxSonar sensor.

For all online orders, ensure that the quantity of WR sensors ordered matches the quantity of Shielded Cable Attach Options

To order quantities that do not match, sales.

To add an additional length of wire to your shielded cable attach option (3ft included), please order the MB7984 desired length. The length will be divided equally among the total number of shielded cable attach options ordered. Please contact if you want to change the lengths attached to each sensor.

To order additional wire separate from the Shielded Cable Attach Option please use the . This wire will not be attached.


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