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Priced at $3,649, some users may think that Panasonic have overdone their sarcasm on this one but as you can see the latest Toughbook 30 is one serious looking laptop. You see what I always think is that not many jobs really warrant someone to need to buy a Toughbook, I mean you wouldn’t have one of these if you just worked in an office all day even though its pretty cool. The main difference from the Toughbook 30 from previous is that this one sports ’s Centrino 2 with vPro, expanded memory capabilities, 40 percent longer battery life, larger capacity hard drives and optional SSDs. Full breakdown of and gallery after the break…

Many of the Panasonic Toughbooks being sold on eBay are either functional, Not-Working, Rebuilt, Brought to near sub standards, Refurbished or for Parts. If you Buy 3 and maybe you can salvage 1 good one. The Part you need to be Original and Functional is The Caddy carrying the HDD. This is the most expensive part, and is the most sought after part, next a DVD Drive and finally a Battery. Get all those and a decent machine, and you have the World's Best Computers System. However, your not finished because without the proper original Operating System OS for the exact machine, your going to miss out on the necessary drivers. Stay as original as possible when buying a Toughbook. ALWAYS ask the seller. #1 Is the Hard Drive Caddy, ORIGINAL PANASONIC. #2 Is the Battery the Original Panasonic Battery or some second rate battery copy from China? #3 If it's a GPS model, make sure it's not the Garage GPS a seller put together with wires and solder. A home made device installed INTO the machine will cost you in the long run. Do what the military does. Use that really cool USB port designed specifically by panasonic for ADD ON's. This is why they provided a screw hole, so that anything going into the USB port will stay in the USB port. #4 Often the screens from used machines are burning out, meaning they are dim or yellowish. There is a powerful lamp just inside the LCD toward the base that put outs lots of power and light. If it's dim from lots of use, your machine is dying. Ask for the number of hours on the machine. CF-29 1.6Ghz MK4 and MK5 laptops, CF-30 and CF-19 laptops will show the hours in the Bios.


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