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Why Are People Still Buying CDs?

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Rattle and Hum was the beginning of a collection that now numbers more than 500 albums. I used to have an insatiable hunger for new releases and would devour at least a couple every month. My appetite for fresh tunes has waned, though, and I'm now down to a few new albums two or three times a year. Rather than chasing new releases, I'm most often filling out my back catalog of oldies. But I keep buying CDs because, well, I just can't bring myself to spend money on the alternatives.

Led by iTunes, online services started offering music downloads minus the peg leg and eye patch. Unfortunately, they did so with DRM-encrusted files that were a far cry from true CD quality. Online services weren't necessarily cheaper than buying CDs, either. You could save money keeping up with one-hit wonders, but full albums were a pretty raw deal, so I kept buying real ones.


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The research also shows that even the most digitally advanced music fans continue to buy CDs, with little evidence to show that digital music consumption is simply replacing physical consumption.