• Buying a new computer is no small task
  • If you want to buy a new computer then have a look at your budget as the price range should not exceed it.
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  • Buying a Computer—Things to Consider - Intel

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As you learn how to buy a used computer, it pays to be patient and careful. When it comes to purchasing anything that has had a previous owner, caution is the keyword. Of course, there are some excellent used computers available, just as there are fine used cars and clean, serviceable used furniture.

We see it all too often. You are thinking about buying a new computer but dont know much about them. You wander into your local computer store, and you are dependent on a salesperson to give you the information you need to make a decision. Now lets face it, a salesperson has a job to do. It is up to them not only to help you make a decision, but also to get as much money out of your pocket and into their tills as possible. Salespeople are assessed on their performance, based on their monetary figures, and so they almost always have a double agenda when making a recommendation to you.


Technology Tips and news: Know before buy a computer

As you learn more about how to buy a used computer, you will find that a pre-owned system with some of the average components and hard-drive space will cost about $200 to $400. These can be fine for home use, small office use or for the college student who needs to work with text and a few Web pages.