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BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black

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Bunn Coffee makers are designed to brew into restaurant-style glass or "unbreakable" coffee decanters, typically 12 cups (64oz.) at a time. The key options are the number of warmers (hot plates), whether the brewer can be plumbed to a water line or not, and whether the brewer makes one pot or multiple pots of coffee at a time. There's a wide range available – for example, smaller brewers for offices or huge 6-warmer, twin-brewing coffeemakers for busy convenience stores and large restaurants.

If you are looking for a premium commercial or home coffee maker brand, then Bunn is your answer all the way! Bunn has so many choices in premium coffee brewing products that you can be sure that every single one of your needs will be met. Are you looking for a fine home coffee maker for personal use that will provide you with a consistent brew product? Are you hoping to find a high performance commercial use coffee maker that can provide great taste at large volumes? Bunn offers every feature that you are looking for in a consistent and excellent coffee brew product, regardless of your setting. So many of our customers actually prefer to use many of the commercial Bunn coffee makers for their own home use because they provide such a premium product. This is a brand that is renowned for being heavy duty with a long life, so it's perfect for any commercial or home setting because you truly will be getting your money's worth.


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Commercial BUNN coffee makers are also great for tea or even soup drinkers. By simply removing the filter and starting the brewing process, one can produce hot water perfect for a variety of hot beverages. The coffee makers usually offer a brewing temperature of about 200° F.