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The data, says the CWA, is in in stark contrast to broadband speeds available in other countries. The organization compared its own survey data to numbers provided by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation's "" (PDF) report, which showed that countries such as Japan and even our closest neighbor of Canada have significantly higher broadband download speeds—61Mbps and 7.6Mbps, respectively.

Broadband speeds are usually measured in "Megabits per second", "Mbps" or "Mb/s" although this is often (incorrectly strictly speaking) referred to as 'meg' or "Mb". Sometimes you may see speeds in "Kbps" or "Kb/s" which refers to "Kilobits per second". There are 1,000 Kbps in 1 Mbps. Typical broadband download speeds range from a few Mbps through to 100 Mbps for a service whilst upload speeds range from 250 Kbps (0.25 Mbps) to around 5 Mbps on the super-fast services.


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