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Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV - Platinum Silver


Bose sound system - Profesional live music
Bose Technologies Make the Difference The L1 Compact system features a 14-inch line array and offers two distinct setup configurations: extended (68" tall) for larger venues or collapsed (17" tall) for smaller venues, where it can be placed on a table or other elevated surface. There are no heavy tripod stands or complicated speaker wires to connect - just a single AC power cord. The system is convenient, yet powerful. Live music and speech, or pre-recorded music benefits from Bose Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker technology, which enables wide, uniform sound coverage across the stage and throughout the audience - even off to the extreme sides. Bose ToneMatchsignal processing is built in and optimizes the sound of an instrument or microphone with an L1system while reducing the need to make complicated tonal adjustments. The L1 Compact system features two ToneMatch circuits: channel one is designed for a dynamic handheld microphone, and channel two includes a ToneMatch preset designed for an acoustic guitar. Other instruments and audio devices also can be used simultaneously via channel two, through a line-level audio output. The L1 Compact system is fully compatible with the Bose T1 ToneMatch audio engine. Available separately, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine provides musicians, DJs and presenters with an extensive library of ToneMatch presets, custom EQ capability with proprietary Bose zEQ, and a suite of studio-class effects and processing. Professional Sound for Anyone The benefits and simplicity of the L1 Compact system make it versatile and accessible to anyone who needs a high-quality, portable sound system at parties, community and athletic events or business presentations. New BoseL1Compact Portable Line Array System.

The 11-speaker Bose surround sound system for the re-designed Mazda6 includes more advanced audio features than the previous generation while weighing 20% less. Bose engineers accomplished this by using system components that are smaller, lighter and require less energy than comparable offerings. This approach also supports Mazda’s SKYACTIV® Technology design philosophy for building a highly efficient vehicle without compromising performance.


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