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Note: The Boost Mobile Buyback Program does not provide packaging or return kits.


Note: The Boost Mobile Buyback Program does not provide packaging or return kits.


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ZTE Prestige N9132 (Boost Mobile), ZTE Avid Plus (T-Mobil), LF Hybrid Armor Stand Case with Holster and Locking Belt Clip, Stylus Pen, Tempered Glass Screen Protector & Wiper Accessory (Holster Blue)

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A subsidiary of Sprint, Boost Mobile skips the long-term contracts and offers customers Sprint network coverage with award-winning customer service. The company has been in operation since 2002, and continues to offer flexible plans to fit anyone and everyone.

Boost Mobile, a division of Sprint, offers a no-contract prepaid service that requires users to purchase their phones at full price and pair them with prepaid mobile cellular and data plans. Unlike its competitors, Boost offers the iPhone at a discounted price, taking $100 off the full retail price of each available model. Prices start at $549 for the 16 GB iPhone 6, with the iPhone 6 Plus priced at $649 for the entry-level 16 GB model.


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Pay-as-you-go Sprint subsidiary Boost Mobile would like you to know that they've got LTE service. It's okay if you didn't - it's not as if they had any phones that could take advantage of the speedier standard. But that should be rectified in just a couple of weeks, when the HTC One SV And the ZTE Force (officially the "Boost Force by ZTE," because American carriers like to push around smaller OEMs) become available for purchase. You can pick both of them up on March 7th for $299.99 and $199.99, respectively and without contract. Meanwhile, over at the other prepaid Sprint MVNO, Virgin is repackaging the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE for $299.99.