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Sony CFDS50 Portable CD, Cassette & AM/FM Radio Boombox


Later models included an input and output jack allowing for microphones and turntables. Over the next few years, companies began to make the boomboxes bigger and better, having better sound, more speakers, etc. Boomboxes became very popular in the music industry, especially in the rise of hip-hop. Many artists such as ‘The Beastie Boys’ and ‘LL Cool J’, featured them using the boombox in videos, TV appearances, and even in songs.

With innovations being made in music and other electronic equipment, boomboxes began to fade out in the late 1990’s. Walkman, mp3 players and other devices made it easier for people to listen to music without carrying around such a heavy and bulky device.


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Below is our selection of Boomboxes and Speakers. The is currently the only official SiriusXM Boombox and works as a dock for select SiriusXM radios as well as powerful speaker for other devices via its built-in aux input.