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Ion Audio Cassette Adapter Bluetooth Music Receiver for Cassette Decks

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With the Bluetooth Cassette Adapter, your car's cassette player instantly becomes a wireless Bluetooth receiver. Just like that, you can stream music from any Bluetooth music player or phone. No complicated installation. No cables. No tangled or snagged tape. Just pop it in and it automatically turns on. The Bluetooth Cassette Adapter contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery for even the longest road trips. Plus, you now have a hands-free solution for phone calls, thanks to the built in microphone. The Bluetooth Cassette Adapter is the last cassette you'll ever need and the first (and only) step to bring your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks into your car.

Old cars rock. Sure, not all of them, but many have features which are still present in today's high tech cars. Why? Because they work! And if you're the type to hang on to a car as long as you can because it's still good and it got you to Jersey and back that one time and it still runs great, then have we got just the thing for you! The Bluetooth Cassette Adapter will add a little bit of current tech to your favorite four-wheeled friend!


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