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Screen Innovations HDTV 100-Inch Matte White 1.1 Theater Sensation Fixed Screen

Too low to display

The big screen TVs we reviewed all feature 1080p HD resolution. But there's more to picture quality than resolution. In our side-by-side testing, we look at color accuracy, black levels, contrast ratio and refresh rate, and we score each device on the brilliance and depth of its display. TVs that have advanced features like built-in Wi-Fi can enhance your entertainment options, especially if you subscribe to a streaming service. You should also look for a TV that fits your entertainment system and its décor. Take these elements into consideration before you make a big purchase:

On top of everything, the CEC is determined to make the regulations come at zero cost to the consumer--and the group feels that limiting the amount a big screen TV sucks down will actually help, not hinder the economy:

"We would not propose TV efficiency standards if we thought there was any evidence in the record that they will hurt the economy," said Commissioner Julia Levin, who has been in charge of the two-year rule-making procedure. "This will actually save consumers money and help the California economy grow and create new clean, sustainable jobs."
As has been the case before in California, the regulation will likely spur product innovation, and prices will fall on energy efficient big screen TVs. Nothing is likely to change much, except for an initial cost to TV companies to improve their products--and the major energy savings for the entire state. As Jaymi reported yesterday, the TV energy efficiency standards will save enough energy to power 1 million homes and will .


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