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Sony KDL48R510C 48-Inch (47.6" Measured Diagonally) 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)


LED stands for light-emitting diode, and when it comes to the best LED TV in 2016, this means that the screen uses LCD (liquid crystal display) technology to create the image, and uses LED lights to illuminate that image via a secondary panel section behind the first.

are popular because their backlighting is more efficient, more stable, and takes up much less space than traditional LCD backlighting using cathode fluorescent lights (plasma TVs are something entirely different, but LED TVs have made them much less popular as well). So the best LED TV can save you money and space while also avoiding some traditional problems associated with large flat screens, like burn out.


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An LED TV improves upon the LCD TV by using an LED backlight instead of a fluorescent one. This gives them a more vibrant picture, with the ability to get darker blacks and brighter colors, so the best LED TVs can match even plasma TVs in picture quality. The tiny LED lights also allow for the construction of super-thin flat panel TVs of all sizes. Whether you need an affordable 32" LED TV or a top-of-the-line Samsung 55", you'll be able to find models just a few inches deep or less.