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Dragon Touch Y88X 7-Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet with Wi-Fi, Camera and Games HD Kids Edition Zoodles Pre-Installed Bundle With Blue Silicone Case


These days, kids need a lot more from their electronics. Considering how popular educational applications and other learning tools are, this development isn't necessarily a bad thing. Still, the best kids tablets have to function as effective multitaskers for your children's needs. Do they want to play games? Practice math or spelling? Read a book? Top are able to perform all of these tasks without a problem.

The runner up for best kids tablet is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. It seems like Asus keeps popping up in our recommendations (they built the ) and it’s due to their solid reputation and value pricing.


Top tablets for kids: Your essential guide

We chose our recommendation for the best kids tablet on price, value and reliability. Every kid is different, but if you are the least bit concerned about blowing 5-600 dollars on a tech toy to have it lost, broken or stolen then you can appreciate our top pick. And if you do have a bit more faith in your child’s responsibility our runner up pick will give you a good if not more expensive kids tablet that will perform every bit as good as the leaders of the pack.