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With the holiday season 2012 fast approaching, we all know that a ton of amazing new games will be launched. Games that will require the best gaming computers out there and probably your rig is a little bit outdated. So if you want to purchase a gaming computer right now and make sure that you can run all those recent games at decent resolutions, this is the best time to invest in a gaming computer because of the discounts offered.

Hope, these reviews have made it easier for you to choose the best computer monitor for your office or home computer. Choose any one of these that ideally suits your budget and requirements.


How do I choose the best computer or laptop?

What does one look out for when buying the best computer monitor? Besides the price factor, there are many points to consider while making a choice. Picture quality, screen size, screen resolution, interface compatibility (Video Graphics Array (VGA)/Digital Visual Interface (DVI)), scanning technology (progressive/interlaced), higher contrast ratio and richness of color are some of the most important factors. As a CRT monitor vs LCD monitor comparison would reveal, LCD monitors have outclassed their CRT predecessors long ago. LCD monitors have become the default choice for desktop computers and LCD TVs dominate the television market.