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Too low to display

Choosing the right cell phone plan is important. If you get a plan with too little high-speed data, you could run out, making it difficult to stream videos and do many of the things you enjoy on your phone. Or if you're a light data user, you could buy more plan than you need and wind up paying too much. But how do you know which plan is right for you? Simple. The best cell phone plan is the one that matches your usage habits. That's why at Cricket, you have options.

Coverage & Quality
As we've mentioned, the quality of a provider's coverage is the most important factor you should consider as you compare the best cell phone plans. Verizon claims the top spot in terms of performance, ubiquity and speed. AT&T is a close second, suffering just slightly in rural regions. T-Mobile's download speeds are superb, but the carrier can feel useless once you leave metropolitan areas. Sprint's network is slow and unimpressive but sufficient for most people's needs.


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