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APC BE550G Back-UPS 550VA 8-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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Once you need to power your iPhone, you need only to connect the battery and the process will begin immediately. In our initial test, we tried charging our iPhone from a completely dead battery. It powered our iPhone halfway in about 1.5 hours before it was drained of energy. Though we were hoping that the Backup Battery would charge our iPhone completely, the partial charge should give you enough power to get near an electrical socket. We'll run another test just to make sure. Unlike the , you can use the Backup Battery multiple times. Richard Solo estimates that it will be good for 300 recharge cycles.

With a Fios backup battery, you can stay connected even if your power goes out. Watch this video from Verizon and find out how to change your Fios battery if it starts beeping.


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The Smart Backup Battery by Richard Solo is one such charger. With its simple, easy-to-use design, the Backup Battery will zap your Apple and partway back to life when you're running out of juice. Like the , it works more as a secondary battery than an actual charger that delivers power from another source. That means you will have to remember to charge it before it can rescue your iPhone, but once it is powered up the Backup Battery will hold its charge until you need it. It's also reasonably priced at $49.95.