• Arris TG862
  • You should now see the Arris TG862G-CT Home Screen, which looks like this.
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  • Now that you are logged in to your Arris TG862G router you should see the following:

Arris TG862G DOCSIS 3.0 Residential Gateway with 802.11n, 4 Port Router and 2 Voice Lines


I am also experiencing problems connecting my Xbox 360 S to my wireless gateway (Arris TG862G/CT). I have no problems connecting my older Xbox 360 with external wireless network adapter. I saw several recommendations of EMTAs. What brands would you recommend?

If you're looking for a simple fix to get your xbox s w/ kinects to connect to you "lovely" Arris Tg862 modem supplied by Comcast/Xfinity wirelessly, simply change your security mode to "wpa2-psk (AES)" from the "WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES) recommended.


xfinity (comcast) Modem/ Router Arris TG862 Issues

In the case of the Arris TG862, you can even use two phones if you subscribe to two lines. A common practice is to use one line for voice and the other for fax.