• Fitbit Aria WIFI Scale Review
  • From left to right: The Withings WS-30 and the FitBit Aria Smart Scale.
  • If you go to the "store", there is a full/extensive description of the Aria scale.
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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, White


The Fitbit Aria Scale uploads your data through Wi-Fi directly to your Fitbit dashboard. The scale will automatically recognize up to eight users by weight so you need only step on it to send your latest weight stats to your account. Your data on the scale remains private unless you choose to share it with other users.

Tracking the minutia of your body composition becomes a sort of game with the Aria Wi-Fi scale, egged on by Fitbit's quirky badges, goals, and the ability to expose your data to friends and strangers alike on a variety of social media platforms. While the Aria scale can be used separately from the $99.95 Fitbit Ultra fitness and sleep tracker, combined they provide an unparalleled view into your overall fitness level that could motivate some to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. It certainly works for me.


Aria Scale Body Fat Percentage Accuracy Clinic

I don't understand why your Aria Scale won't work with the upgraded Time Warner WiFi. TW WiFi uses 802.11ac, which is backward compatible to 802.11b/g/n. The Aria uses 802.11b, so it should work with your TW WiFi. It may require a setup change in your WiFi router to allow backward comapability, but that is normally enabled by default.