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SquareTrade 4-Year Appliance Protection Plan ($75-$100)

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Appliances are designed to make our lives easier. Dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and other kitchen accessories not only help us do our chores and prepare food faster, but they take some of the tedium out of our day and allow us more free time. Unfortunately appliances, like any other piece of machinery, can break down. When that happens, your malfunctioning appliance can actually increase your stress. This is an even bigger problem when this malfunction happens soon after you buy your machine. To avoid the added stress of dealing with a brand new fridge or stove that goes on the fritz, an appliance warranty is an excellent tool to have in your corner.

All-in-one appliance warranties: For peace of mind, look into all-in-one appliance warranties, such as All Six Warranty. For a flat rate of around $20 per month, a certain number of household appliances are protected, regardless of their ages. Apart from a predetermined service call fee — typically around $50 — all repairs are covered for as long as you’re enrolled.


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Home Appliance Warranty is designed to protect your Home Appliances and cover any maintenance and repair thatyou may need in the event one or more of your appliances stop work or functioning as they should. HomeAppliance Warranties cover appliances such as; Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, AirConditioning Units, Water Heaters, Plumbing System, etc…