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Operating in the background of the music industry's slow pivot to streaming distribution, Apple is quietly financing music videos, documentaries and other unique opportunities in hopes of scoring fresh exclusives for Apple Music.

Apples have a moderately sweet, refreshing flavor and a tartness that is present to greater or lesser degree depending on the variety. For example, Golden and Red Delicious apples are mild and sweet, while Pippins and Granny Smith apples are notably brisk and tart. Tart apples, which best retain their texture during cooking, are often preferred for cooked desserts like apple pie, while Delicious apples and other sweeter varieties like Braeburn and Fuji apples are usually eaten raw.


Apple #8 on the Forbes Global 2000 List

Apples can be bought in hundreds of various varieties, from red to green and pink to yellow, from tart to sweet and sour to bitter. Though available year-round, each variety has its own growing season, so various apples will naturally lend themselves better to different seasons of cooking and eating. Many early summer varieties are lighter in color and tarter in flavor, while late fall apples may be a darker, deeper red with sweeter flavors. Enjoy these apple recipes using your favorite apples - experiment with what's in season and what looks freshest at your market.