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5 Scoring based on a points system where each of the 37 stores are ranked (1-37) and given points based on their economy and Apple product prices. The store offering the cheapest price receives 37 points, whereas the store offering the most expensive price receives 1 point. The store whose country has the best economy receives 37 points, whereas the store whose country has the worst economy receives 1 point. The stores with the most points have the best deals on the Apple Products.

North America has two of the top Economy to Apple product price ratios in the world. The United States scores 5 second, behind only Singapore. Americans from Montana have it especially good, since there are no sales taxes in this state. The United States rank as the fifth best economy and have the fourth best Apple prices. Canada ranks as having the fourth best deal in the world, with the 11th best economy and the second cheapest Apple prices.


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