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Apple Lightning Port To HDMI And VGA Adapters


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Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter for Select iPhone,iPad and iPod Models (MD826ZM/A)

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The same anonymous source continues to add that this adapter is actually just a high speed serial interface that uses a ton of h264 hardware encoding. The Airplay network protocol is not involved in the process of compressing or encoding. Yet, the anon assures the public that updates will influence how the adapter work. Considering that iOS 9 resembles a knight in shining armor, we expect the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter to vastly improve.

To start things, the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter on the company’s own shop. It’s not a lot of money, but 49 bucks is 49 bucks, and if it doesn’t work as the company claims, why buy it in the first place?


apple lightning hdmi adapter | eBay

There are some really confusing articles on the web regarding the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter. Endless discussions about whether the picture is either laggy or filled with video artifacts. Misconceptions regarding if it outputs native or upscaled 1080p, or if the iPad Mini can or can’t possibly mirror anything on a big screen TV.